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“Yes! I just e-filed a case with your system and it works beautifully! Thank you for this program because wading through the confusion of these new forms was driving me mad so I greatly appreciate finding your software!”
- Atyria Clark, Attorney


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Streamline Your Practice With Integrations

Clio Integration

Clio helps lawyers build a better practice by being a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud-based law practice management software. Together with Clio, we make it easy to manage bankruptcy matters, contacts and more.

Credit Report Integration

Import credit reports directly into the schedules by pulling a credit report for your client through NextChapter's seamless credit report integration.

We've partnered with Universal Credit Services (UCS) to pull reports for your clients. When you order a report through NextChapter, we automatically import the creditor data directly into NextChapter from a tri-merged report from all 3 bureaus: Transunion®, Equifax ® & Experian®.

More Coming Soon…

At NextChapter, we believe in collaborating with other apps and technology companies to become the single-trusted source for bankruptcy attorneys and their clients. We are adding integrations all the time to achieve this goal.

Work From Anywhere

NextChapter users are not stuck at their desks in
front of their PCs filling in forms to the late hours of
the night. Instead attorneys who use NextChapter
can work from anywhere with true cloud-access

Experience real time updates and full functionality
from anywhere with wi-fi, whether that’s your
favorite coffee shop or from a hammock on the
beach! Securely access your client files from any
device, on any browser, at any time.

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