Virtual Paralegal Support

Let NextChapter be your assistant for all things bankruptcy with our virtual paralegal support team. That’s how we started, after all.

We Tackle the Paperwork, Saving You Time, Money and Stress.

NextChapter's Virtual Paralegal Support offers you flexibility to increase revenue and decrease expenses.


  • Conducts Client Interview
  • Performs all due diligence searches
  • Prepare Petition and Schedules
  • Obtain Documents and Follow Up
  • Prepare Chapter 13 Plan, Local Forms + More
  • Execute the job with a positive attitude and a desire to help you grow your practice


  • NextChapter Bankruptcy Software
  • CM/ECF Experience
  • Microsoft Excel / Word / Outlook
  • Google Sheets / Docs / Gmail
  • Chapter 13 Plan & Means Test Calculations
  • Productivity & Organizationl Tools

Benefits of a Virtual Paralegal

Learn how NextChapter has revolutionized the paralegal world by introducing Notices A.I. and their Virtual Paralegal Support.

Save Money

You Only Pay Per Case

One of the greatest benefits of having a virtual paralegal is that you only pay for services on a per-case basis. That means during those fast-paced months, we can step in and take care of all the busy work without the worry of an hourly rate. And when there is no business for us to assist you with, there is no cost to you.

Take Back Your Time

Grow Your Practice

Your time is precious. Stop wasting it drafting petitions or researching BAPCPA. Your virtual paralegal prepares your petition from start to finish and presents it to you within 24-48 hours for review. This gives you and your staff more time to focus on retaining new clients and billable hours on other cases.

Avoid Stress

Your Virtual Paralegal Does The Dirty Work

With your approval, your virtual paralegal will communicate directly with the client to obtain all of the necessary documents and pertinent information needed for the petition. This reduces calls to your office, pop-in clients and other disruptions to your firm.

Our Virtual Paralegal Background

At NextChapter, we have professionals on staff who have decades of experience as bankruptcy paralegals for large and small firms and the Chapter 13 Trustee’s office.

We contact the debtor on behalf of your law firm and represent you and your company as if it was our own. Our team is fully prepared to assist your law practice and help you grow!

Per Case Basis

Pricing: $250 per case

If your practice is growing rapidly and you need some temporary paralegal support unitl you can manage the influx of cases, let us help out. Just add the Virtual Paralegal package on a per case basis so you can continue to manage your practice - worry free!

Legal Technology Is Changing. Be At The Cutting Edge.