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Save, store and organize court notices automatically.

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Enhance Your Bankruptcy Process With NextChapter Notices

Allow NextChapter Notices to save and organize court notices and use artificial intelligence to schedule hearings to your calendar. Dramatically reduce your quarterly PACER statements with NextChapter Notices.

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How It Works

Automatically Save Court Documents

Now the inbox does the work for you. NextChapter Notices uses artificial intelligence to direct court notices to the NextChapter Notices Inbox, saving you time by removing the manual process of saving, naming and storing files.

New notices appear in the NextChapter Notices Quick View on the firm dashboard for convenient viewing, making your firm's file management easy and efficient.

Organize & Schedule Hearing Dates

Sort, filter and search all court notices from the NextChapter Notices Inbox. Notices tagged as Hearing type will automatically be added to the firm calendar with our hearing scheduler feature, so you'll never miss an important date again.

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Features & Benefits


Filter notices based on proof of claim, hearings, and more! NextChapter Notices is easy to navigate and highly intuitive, making it easier to find what you need.

Quick Scheduling
Quick Scheduling

Never miss a court date using our hearing scheduler function. All important hearings are added to the calendar so your entire firm can stay in the know.

Cost Efficient
Cost Efficient

Because we automatically save all notices, your firm won’t have to re-open files; saving you big time on PACER fees!

Receive Notifications
Receive Notifications

New court notices will appear in the Quick View on the Firm Dashboard. Mark a notice as read once you’re ready for it to be transferred to the case!

Better Organization
Better Organization

All court notices are readily available in the NextChapter Notices Inbox and stored right in the case so you can find them quickly for fast viewing by your entire firm.

Save Notices
Save Notices

Store court documents in the NextChapter Notices Inbox or download the forms to your computer so you'll have easy access.

NextChapter Notices Pricing

Experience the power of NextChapter Notices for just $200 per year


Sign up and allow NextChapter Notices to automatically save and organize court notices and schedule them to your calendar. No need to be a NextChapter customer to use it

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Purchase NextChapter Notices to complete your NextChapter subscription. NextChapter Notices is complimentary for Pro and Pro+ users.

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