Credit Report Integration

Import credit reports directly into NextChapter and print a PDF for your
client using NextChapter's credit report integration.

Credit Data You Can Trust

Import credit reports directly into the schedules by pulling a credit report for your client through NextChapter's seamless credit report integration.

We've partnered with Universal Credit Services (UCS) to pull reports for your clients. When you order a report through NextChapter, we automatically import the creditor data directly into NextChapter from a tri-merged report from all 3 bureaus: Transunion®, Equifax® & Experian®.

4 Steps to Setting Up Credit Reports

Complete a one-time setup form for your firm. You never even have to leave NextChapter. Simply go to "Credit Report Integration" in your settings page to get started.

Schedule the bureau mandated 20-minute onsite inspection. More information here: Onsite Visit

We activate your account for pulling credit reports and importing data into NextChapter.

Enter the debtor's social security number and that's it! The report will automatically download and the data will import in Schedule F.

Credit Report Pricing

Tri-Merge Credit Report (Per Report Fee)