Clio + NextChapter

Client management for bankruptcy matters just got easier
with NextChapter's Clio Integration

Clio for Bankruptcy

Clio helps lawyers build a better practice by being a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud-based law practice management software. Together with Clio, we make it easy to manage bankruptcy matters, contacts and more.

Even the most dedicated bankruptcy attorney can benefit from a smoother intake and organizational process to address client needs. Remaining focused and organized is crucial for bankruptcy practice. Expedite and simplify your bankruptcy preparation process with NextChapter for Clio.

Expedite and Simplify the Bankruptcy Process with Clio

Information gathering remains one of the most time-consuming aspects of bankruptcy law, closely followed by redundant data entry on the multitude of forms. Let Clio expedite client intake and keep everything organized while NextChapter simplifies your bankruptcy preparation.

Client Intake

Effortlessly collect client and case information during onboarding. Easily integrate it with NextChapter’s program to start a case with more information filled out.

Go Linear

NextChapter takes a zig-zap bankruptcy approach offered by the forms and simplifies it into a linear approach to save time and headaches.

Keep Your Archives

NextChapter does not hold data hostage, and will even help users from other bankruptcy programs recover and transfer data for record-keeping and reference in future cases.

Credit Report Integration

NextChapter’s credit report integration feature enables attorneys to order the credit report and have the creditor data automatically entered into the schedules in NextChapter.

Tech Support

No more waiting days to have your bankruptcy software vendor answer a question or fix a bug. NextChapter offers in-app tech support to keep users moving through the process instead of stalling and waiting for an answer.

Work from Anywhere

NextChapter can be accessed from any device as long it is connected to the internet. This means you are no longer stuck at the office late at night to get a bankruptcy filed. Now you can securely file from the comfort of their home.

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