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Our mission is to provide attorneys with an efficient, intuitive, and affordable software solution to help them better serve their bankruptcy clients.

While working in the bankruptcy field for eight years, CEO Janine Sickmeyer spent her days and nights preparing bankruptcies for attorneys and their clients as a virtual paralegal. As Janine crunched numbers and entered piles of bills two, three and four times she knew that there had to be a better way.

In 2008, Janine began writing notes on napkins of the ideal bankruptcy software with the thought of someday becoming the first fully web-based solution. After teaching herself how to code, talking to attorneys across the nation and building a team of skilled developers, Janine's vision for NextChapter was created.

We developed NextChapter while working with attorneys, trustees and the Bankruptcy Court to make NextChapter the single trusted source for your bankruptcy practice.

NextChapter Team Hero

Meet the NextChapter Team

Janine Sickmeyer
Managing Director & Founder
Janine is the founder of NextChapter and a true visionary and tech expert. She started as a paralegal with an idea and after learning to code, she built the team and product into what it is today. When she's not working, you can find Janine at a coffee shop reading a book, hiking, or traveling with her husband and four young children.
Mandy Ballinger
Director of Operations
As COO, Mandy handles everything from operations to court updates to product development. Her favorite things include; summertime, hot yoga, reading, and true crime podcasts. Mandy's #1 past-time is going on adventures with her husband and daughter.
Katie Stasiulewicz
Director of Sales and Success
Katie solves problems and answers any questions that come her way. Her love for traveling and adventure have taken her across the globe. When she isn't watching reality TV, Katie is trying new restaurants and searching for the best cheeseburger in town.
Jaime Houssami
Marketing Manager
Jaime is obsessed with writing, digital marketing and crafting marketing campaigns for NextChapter. When she isn't typing away on her laptop, Jaime is probably playing with her dogs, binge-watching Netflix or practicing yoga. She also loves visiting new cities and exploring Columbus with friends.
Kelly Oldiges
Customer Success Manager
Kelly is enthusiastic about improving the lives of attorneys with a smart and intuitive software. She spends her time outside of the office running, indoor cycling and playing volleyball on multiple teams throughout the year.
Sara Taylor
Paralegal Support Specialist
As a former paralegal, Sara has always had a passion for the law and the software behind case filings. She loves spending time with her beagle Cooper while reading, watching movies and scrolling through social media. At lunch time, you can find Sara at the nearest Chipotle.
Tim Shadoan
Sales Account Specialist
Tim enjoys interacting with attorneys to come up with creative solutions that will help better their firm. Outside of work, Tim is probably binge-watching the latest TV series, cheering on his favorite sports teams and finding the best IPA in town.
Alex Seymour
Sales Account Specialist
Alex thrives in a fast-paced environment and loves communicating with attorneys in her day-to-day. She gets outside as much as possible and spends her free time reading true crime and trying new restaurants.
Spencer Thomakos
Customer Success Specialist
Having worked as a legal assistant, Spencer loves how NextChapter expedites the process of preparing forms. When Spencer isn't supporting our users, you can find him playing rugby or any outdoor sport. Spencer also enjoys watching movies and reading in his spare time.
Kelly Torres
Customer Success Specialist
Customer Success Specialist Kelly Torres loves helping the legal professionals she works with every day grow and succeed by making sure they are getting the most out of NextChapter! In her free time, you can find Kelly staying busy by reading, playing tennis, traveling, or hiking.
Sophia Lendon
Marketing Specialist
Sophia is obsessed with creating content for social media, emails, blogs and more. She loves that every day is different in marketing. When she's not creating a new post, you can find her exploring new cities, hiking with friends and baking bread.
Lazar Zubic
Lead Software Engineer
Lazar is both analytical and passionate about legal tech and data. He never goes a day without coffee, and finds that it gives him the energy he needs to solve problems and perfect NextChapter. Lazar spends his free time with friends and family, playing video games, and watching movies.
Alexis Lkhagvadorj
Full Stack Developer
Alexis lives in sunny LA and you can always find her with a coffee in-hand. She enjoys every aspect of development and loves using technology to solve real world problems. When she isn't working on projects, Alexis spends her time playing video games and admiring Nikola Tesla for being one of the greatest innovators of all time.
Danica Misic
Software Engineer
Danica loves listening to podcasts to learn new things and hear the latest tech news. Whenever she's pouring away at NextChapter's code, Danica enjoys listening to music - specifically Yiruma's piano songs. She has a strong fascination with reading and believes nothing will ever truly replace the look, feel, or experience of reading a physical book.
Vladimir Dinic
iOS Developer
Vladimir finds passion in several different areas related to law, business, and computer science. He brought NextChapter's iOS mobile application to life with motivation and impeccable organization. In his free time, Vladimir works on his travel bucket list.
Djuradj Zivanovic
Software Engineer
Djuradj works on NextChapter's development team to analyze and build upon software that attorneys and paralegals use every day. Being at NextChapter allows Djuradj to grow with the company. When Djuradj isn't at the office, he likes talking with friends over coffee.
Lazar Tasic
Software Engineer
Lazar is enthusiastic about working for a legal tech company because he contributes to a software that speeds up the legal process overall, and makes preparing and managing case filings easier. In his position at NexChapter, Lazar enjoys watching the software and company grow into something great. Outside of work hours, you can find Lazar spending time with family and friends, watching movies, being active, and playing board games.
Melisa Navarro
UI/UX Designer
Melisa is one of NextChapter's talented product designers working toward creative and useful innovations for the legal tech industry. When not at work, Melisa likes to spend time with her family, watches movies, and continues to perfect her skills.
Coumba Winfield
Graphic Designer
Coumba is our talented and creative graphic designer. She is enthusiastic about creating innovative, impactful designs that stand out in the legal tech world. Coumba's passion for writing and drawing never cease as she continues to do what she loves.
Meredith Boe
Content Specialist
Based out of Chicago, Meredith Boe specializes in all things content. From blog posts to website copy, Meredith enjoys writing about a software that incorporates the latest technology to the legal industry. She also writes creative prose and poetry, and in her free time you can find Meredith reading, going to local concerts, or playing poker.
Avalon Troiola
Marketing Specialist
Experienced in the world of advertising from print to television, Avalon developed a passion for all things branding, global and digital marketing. When she isn't working, she enjoys spending her time with her dog & cat, painting, or attempting a new recipe in the kitchen. Based in Kansas City, she also loves road tripping to new camping spots whenever possible.
Bojana Filipovic
Research & Data Assistant
Bojana is passionate about exploring new areas of data research. Her favorite activities include yoga, swimming, and hiking to archaeological sites. Bojana has a love for learning and enjoys going to museums.
Adam Albrecht
Founding Developer & Tech Advisor
Adam worked alongside Janine to create the first version of NextChapter. He has years of experience working with software products and enjoys that he can solve real-world problems with code. In his free time, Adam likes to hang out at coffee shops, go on skiing trips, hike with his golden retreiver, Toby, and spend time at home with his wife and son.
Paul Kuzmickas, Esq.
Chief Legal Advisor
Paul is NextChapter's bankruptcy expert. He has practiced bankruptcy law for several years and loves bringing a fresh, exciting experience to the field with NextChapter. In his free time, Paul is probably having a nerf, lightsaber, or laser tag battle with his five sons or enjoying dinner and an Old Fashioned with his wife.

NextChapter's Core Values

Choose Happiness
Choose Happiness

For you, for the company and for the customers, choose happiness. Approach life in a positive way. Celebrate successes. Inspire others.

Foster Innovation
Foster Innovation

Be creative, curious, and inventive. Discover new ways to solve hard problems. Stay nimble by minimizing complexity and never stop iterating.

Delight Customers
Delight Customers

Do things that don't scale. Solve for the customer first. Set the bar for excellent customer support.

Focus on Results
Focus on Results

Make wise decisions. Take smart risks. Understand the value of patience. Think strategically, measure progress, and focus on great results rather than process.

Give Back
Give Back

Support the causes you are passionate about by donating your time. Volunteer often and encourage others to join you. Pledge 1%.

NextChapter Team

Our Philosophy

We are committed to becoming the most intuitive bankruptcy program by combining superior user experiences with intelligent features and services. Our passion for legal technology, excellent customer support and client happiness pours through NextChapter in every way. We are driven by the desire to build meaningful applications in a market that has been longing for change.

Our vision at NextChapter is to become the single-trusted source for bankruptcy attorneys and their clients.

Find Your Niche & Tackle it.

- Janine Sickmeyer, CEO

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